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Award Winning Modern Interior and Exterior Doors Design: Interior and Exterior contemporary design award for most innovative modern doors design category in architectural industries and modern house design.

Welcome to Milano Doors Website: Click on any door you wish to view for details and base price. We hope you will enjoy our unique modern doors collection featuring Interior and Exterior doors. Each door collection features a contemporary design for interior doors in wood veneer and for exterior doors in stainless and glass. Our distinctive doors will be the center and modern accent in any house design. What makes a house a home? What turns the ordinary into the extraordinary? At Milano Doors, we believe that our door design makes the difference between an ordinary house and an extraordinary home. Our modern lines of interior doors and exterior doors are designed to work together, throughout a home, making it easy for homeowners to use our products to express their unique style. The first step in creating a beautiful home is apply your individual style. Our new Milano Collection done by European designers with selection of fresh materials and new finishes. Obscure modern glass gives privacy and style with round curves. If you prefer a crisp, clean, minimal look then I'm sure you'll love our doors. The real beauty in our doors is timeless designs, which provide you with a stylish modern design will never date and de-clutter your house. Within our versatile doors, you will find contemporary designs suitable for entry and front doors, modern interior and double pre hung doors. We hope our doors will make your house more unique and modern.

Milano Doors exemplifies forward thinking in door design and manufacture. Now we offer several eye-catching door model designs with or without glass option. The design and workmanship employed in their construction delivers a number of valuable qualities including thermal efficiency andnoise reduction. Our extensive range of classic contemporary doors is the preferred choice for architects, high-end housing developers, contractors and home owners nationwide. We offer a wider choice, better quality, value for your money and a professional service. Part of our commitment to ongoing improvement is our program of research and development of new products, many of which represent innovation at its best. Our new fully reversible and modern interior doors are amongst our latest developments. We specialize in the supply of high quality contemporary door solutions. We are working with European designers in developing the best doors on the market today. We have improved our custom door look with the introduction of a revolutionary new range of modern designs with stained windows made from Italian color glass. A complementary range of interior and exterior doors offer a contemporary glass design in different patterns.

Our interior doors are made from the top-quality wood. Wood has an extremely wide application in door manufacturing due to high durability, light weight and easy processing. Our interior doors are made from kiln dried wood planks, hot pressed with a natural wood plate to substantially raise our doors durability. Our door panels are made from valuable wood and are covered with three-layers of Italian varnish and completed by a color sealant to provide worry free maintenance. Our interior doors will not warp, twist, shrink or swell and will be supplied pre-finished with gloss varnish. Available by door slab or unassembled or pre hung with inward and outward opening. Milano Doors comes now 80" high in standard sizes 24" 28" 30" 32" 36" (any other sizes can be ordered as well).
Modern exterior door is the equivalent of having a stunning smile - it can create the ultimate first impression.

Most of our exterior doors are made from brush stainless steel and available in any color. Increasingly, homeowners are adopting the philosophy that first impressions are everything. Modern exterior stainless front doors, crisp solid lines and different matte or glossy finishes are the key trends in front doors, which can only mean one thing: today in modern house design dramatic entrance is a must. We offer the flexibility to buy at our warehouse outlet or from our website so that you can choose the method which suits you best. We are now offering nationwide delivery at around 10 days for doors on sale or 12 weeks for special exterior door orders. All local delivery in Los Angeles area will be done within 3-4 working days and you will be contacted directly by us to arrange a convenient delivery date. You just need to choose the door design, finish, glass, hinges and handles and we will deliver it complete and ready to fit.

Custom Orders: If your requirements go beyond our interior or exterior doors, please contact us with your own door design. We are always happy to discuss your needs. We sell direct to architects, designers, builders, and homeowners as well, who wants to create a modern unique house environments and allows us to offer you personalized architectural modern doors for less than you might expect to pay. All special orders usually shipped within ten to twelve weeks from the time you place your order. We require a 50% non-refundable payment to begin work on your door and collect the balance just prior to shipment. We accept payment by Visa, Master Card American Express, and payment by check or wire transfer. It should be easy to place your order directly online. If you prefer, you may also place an order over the phone by calling (805) 284-0014. We value your rights to privacy and will NOT share your personal information or e-mail address with any other party.

Our door warranty is the best in the industry. When ordering Milano doors please understand that some small cosmetic details as door color, door texture or glass patterns, may be slightly different that you see at What is covered by warranty is as follows: Subject to the conditions and restrictions listed below are warranted for five (5) years from the date of shipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Upon receipt of one or more of our doors, it is recommended that you inspect the all doors as soon as possible. You should be checking:

  1. For the possibility of freight damage.
  2. To verify that you received what you ordered.
  3. That each door is flat and straight and has no defects.
  4. No glass cracks if your door order with glass option.

If there is freight damage, please note it on your freight bill and immediately notify Milano Doors and file a freight claim by by calling toll free number: 1-800-938-7397

If a door is determined to be defective, Milano doors must be notified within 7 days. Upon written notification of the defect and upon inspection by an authorized representative of Milano Doors, we will at our option:

  1. Repair the door, or
  2. Provide a replacement part or parts for the door, or
  3. Provide a replacement door.

A replacement door or part will be as originally purchased from and specifically does not include freight, finishing or installation charges. It is understood that if merchandise is determined to be defective when a shipment is received, written notice must be sent to Milano Doors within 7 days after receipt of the doors and before any hanging, fitting, or finishing charges have been incurred.

To clarify further: if a visible and/or apparent defect exists upon your receipt and inspection of a door or doors from Milano Doors, it is imperative that we be notified before any further costs are incurred on that door or doors. We will not assume any liability for those costs. Milano Doors will not be responsible for any door repaired or replaced without the prior written notification of our office.

Warp shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds 1/4" in the plane of the door. Warp is measured by placing a straight edge or a taut string on the concave face of the door and determining the maximum distance from the straight edge or string to the door face. The door must be properly hung and finished with all six surfaces being sealed. Warp must occur in the door itself, and not be the result of an improperly installed jamb or a wall out of plumb.

Limited glass warranty: Milano Doors warrants all insulated glass delivered to the original customer or its authorized dealer against failure of the air seal for a period of five (5) years.
The standard for determining that a scratch, smudge or other blemish warrants replacement is a follows:

  • It can be seen from a distance of ten (10) feet.
  • It is visible against normal daylight (not direct sunlight) when viewed perpendicular to the glass.

Exclusions to warranty

  • Using an interior door in an exterior application.
  • Warp for any door over 8 feet in height and 42 inches in width.
  • If door used in a gate application.
  • Interior or Exterior door manufactured according to the customer's specifications.
  • Performance or appearance of our finish, or a field-applied finish.
  • Variations in the color, design or door texture.
  • Damage caused by others, or by any cause outside the control of Milano Doors, including but not limited to damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident, mishandling, or by fire, flood, earthquake, storm, or other acts of nature.
  • "Misuse" of a door includes, but is not limited to, using a door on part of a building without providing adequate overhang or an appropriate finish color. Adequate overhang depends on the typical weather conditions of the area where the door is to be used, but at the very minimum means an overhang projecting a distance from the structure equal to one half the distance between the bottom of the door and the bottom of the overhang at the point which is farthest from the door.
  • Damage caused by failing to comply with Handling, Finishing and Installation instructions. Please contact us for this information, if it is not supplied with the product.
  • Failure to perform normal homeowner's maintenance, including maintaining the finish
  • Product failure due to improper installation.
  • Attempts to modify our product without prior authorization.

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