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Wooden doors production

The door panel is finished on the rolling application line with intermediate polish and applying acrylic materials, which have the ability to moisten the surface and penetrate into the pores of wood thus creating a layer with good adhesion, hardness, and abrasive wear resistance.
The door panel carcass is made of high-grade joined timber allowing to avoid casting of a panel during finishing or exploitation.
Glueing and veneering of the panel is carried out on hot presses at 120 C.
Door facing is made of natural wood veneer with the use of modern equipment.
Panel edges are decorated with rolled wood veneer produced in-house.
Trim molding is made of solid wood and is wrapped in wood veneer.
Automated grinding unit for veneer processing. It improves the quality of lacquer finish.
The decoration of trim molding is carried out on the automated line by means of vacuum application of acrylic coating, intermediate polishing and application of lacquer finish. Thus a high-quality coating is produced.
All products pass strict inspection before packaging.
3-axis high-precision workcenter
Drying rooms for wood
Wrapper for door panel coating using veneer of synthetic materials
Automated panel saw

Metal doors production

Performance reliability of metal block is defined by accuracy of construction manufacturing. We use modern high-precision equipment instilling confidence in performed work.
Before painting all details are chemically processed on special plant units in order to remove debris. A phosphate layer applied after that allows to improve corrosive resistance of metal and paint adhesion.
Powder coating of details is carried out by the equipment allowing to accurately support all stages of the process. It allows to improve the product life during exploitation.
In order to avoid casting of a panel at temperature drops all major junctions are made by using the method of contact sealing. It allows to avoid local overheat and retained stress in metal.
The plant has its own woodworking line and production of plastic goods used in construction and allowing to lower the prime cost of products.
Before packaging all products pass through an engineering test bed, where performance reliability of all elements is checked.

Glass processing

Glass cutting table Genius 37 CT is a three-axis automated programmable cutting table with a single operating head for straight and curvilinear cutting and breaking of glass sheets.
This machine allows processing either detail edges or its facets at an angle from 0° to 45°.
Washing machine for cleaning glass from dust and grease after processing
Automated machine for applying sandblast with or without templates
A machine for automated drilling holes in glass sheets

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