Milano BSD-004 Barn Door

We can make a wide variety of sliding doors in any size and any color.
While we can make any custom size, sometimes we can't create totally new patterns.
Each door pattern we offer goes through a long cycle of development and testing. Pricing may varies for custom orders and depends on opening sizes, glass color and sliding doors quantities.
Prices starting at $750 – $995 per door + $195 Barn Hardware
Call for Price
Any size available. Custom order welcome
Lead time:
3-10 business days for the manufacturing production
Available Glass & Wood Panels

Milano Sliding Doors of the highest quality made exclusively in our factory. We are proud to introduce our most luxurious and versatile sliding wardrobe doors to date. We produce wide range of sliding doors designs as single panel, 2 , 3, 4 and 5 panel doors incan be combined to stunning effect.

We offer the best quality and price sliding wardrobe doors. We provide the best value for money, more choice and best service available, and we can do this because we are manufacturers, not re-sellers.

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