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Price $ 4 507
for Door Slab 36"x80" with standard equipment Add to Cart
Standard Equipment for 36”x80” slab in white color
Available configurations: Single, Double, with Sidelights and Transom
Single slab up to 45" WIDE x 118" HIGH
U-value 0.177 (0.67 W/m2K) with 3 - sealing system
R-Value = 5.65
Door slab thickness 3-1/2" with triple glazing and extended thermal insulating zone

Safety rosette cylinder inox matt outside

Safety profile cylinder art. 6400 with freewheel function and 5 keys

VK3 3-point inox safety lock with two massive hooks and adjustable thin plate

Inox handle art. 6039 with cylinder rosette art. 6007 inside

Colour white RA L 9016 matt or glossy

Three EV1 door hinges Schuco ADS HD

Door Sizes

  Standard Oversize Oversize Grande A Oversize Grande B
Width 39-3/8" - 45-1/4" (1000-1150mm) 49-1/4 (1250mm) 51-3/16" (1300mm) 51-3/16" (1300mm)
Height 78-3/4"- 86-5/8" (2000-2200mm) 94-1/2" (2400mm) 102-3/8" (2600mm) 118-1/8" ( 3000mm)
Requirements 3 hinges, 3-point locking system 3 hinges, 3-point locking system,
> 92-1/8 reqire 4-point locking system
4 hinges, 4-point locking system 5 hinges, 5 point locking system

Sidelights and above lights

Both type lights available
Can be triple or quadruple pane glass
Laminated safety glass is optional
Sidelight width from 6" up to 5'
Above light height from 6" to 8'

Colors available in 4 price group


Doors panel glass colors

Group G

Night Sky Gloss

NIght Storm Gloss

African Mystery Gloss

Ivory GLoss

Group M

Night Sky Matte

Night Storm Matte

African Mystery Matte

Inside Handles









6060, 660L


6057L, 6058L

Outside Long Handles

Specailty Handles for some doors models

Locking System

Protective Trim

6444 Inox protective trim matte

6444L Inox protective trim with LED-illumination matte

6275 Inox protective trim matte

6203 Inox protective trim matte

6203L Inox protective trim with LED-illumination matte

6266 Inox protective trim matte

Finger scanner

Door closer


6277 Electronic peephole

6278 ELectronic peephole with bell and recording function (battarey-powered)

6302 Peephole chrom

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Electrical Connection

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