Milano-1M1 Wenge Interior Door

Milano-1M1 Wenge
MSRP: $550 Our price: $295 You Save: $255
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Available size: 24" 28" 30" 32" 36" Width"
(Nominal slab) 78-¾" Height and ½" undersize
Rough opening
Door Installation must be done after new floor completely install and finished. We prefer your walls painted as well. European Frame (jamb) is 1" thick on each side.
For door slab 24" × 80" need Rough Opening at least 26"x81"

Wood chart

  door Milano-1M1 Walnut
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  door Milano-1M1 Teak
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  door Milano-1M1 Mahogany
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  door Milano-1M1 White Oak
White Oak
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  door Milano-1M1 Grey Oak
Grey Oak
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  door Milano-1M1 Beech
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Milano-1M1 Wenge are solid interior doors finished with natural wood veneer. Italian quality is supported by a 2-year warranty.

Milano-1M1 Wenge series includes elite models known for their reliability and durability. These characteristics are achieved by applying top quality materials and flawless design.

Exotic wenge wood imported from West Africa is treated by our specialists to become one of the best materials for interior doors and kitchen cabinet doors.

If you intend to renovate your home design, wenge wood is the right choice. Dark noble color reminding of roasted coffee beans looks elegant with any flooring and wall finish. The color of Milano-1M1 Wenge doors is valued for its deepness and complexity - thin lines spread on the dark brown background of the door panel make the door look untreated and therefore more natural.

An elegant door frame consisting of molding and secure mounting is supplied complete with the door. There is a wide choice of stylish steel accessories including Italian lock with a lifetime warranty. Such an element is associated with high status of the owner.

The doors from Milano-1M1 Wenge collection do not require additional treatment saving their owners up to $150. These doors are distortion proof, maintenance-free and easy to clean.

All models are made of natural, eco-friendly materials. Convenient rubber door stops provide noiseless operation.

We offer single-leaf and double-leaf as well as sliding and folding doors. All Milano-1M1 Wenge models are delivered over-the-counter.

The price for a door panel 30"x 80" does not include the price of molding and mounting (they are ordered separately). Standard door panel sizes are 24" 28" 30" 32" 36".

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Learn how quality, attractive price and style unite in one product: will tell you why Milano doors are the best choice for home renovation.

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WOW! What a nice Brooklyn showroom with good selection of modern doors and kitchens. Prices is incredible at wholesale level, compare to

another stores. Local delivery a big plus, and charge me next to nothing! After door installation my home look very modern and

beautiful. What are change!

We spend over $25,000 for new plumbing, $18,000 for new electric lines and see nothing in returns.

We spend on 11 new doors over $7,500 and enjoy it everyday. Anytime we have visitors, everybody compliment our new Milano Doors and nobody

say nothing about our electric lines or new plumbing.

Milano doors very good quality and design, modern and very cheap compare to another changes in remodeling project. After all we spend

over $200,000 in house remodeling and we enjoy doors the most! I recommend Milano doors product to everyone!

Alisha GB. NY 10032

I was very skeptical to order doors over internet, but could not find locally anything close what Milano Doors has to offer. Reluctantly I placed the order and the same day I received a call from them asking specific questions about my order. I was extremely impressed how professional they were treading their customers. Shipping was to Florida and took only 5 days !!! My GC could not believe the way doors were packed, and the quality of the doors, absolutely exceptional. I will definitely do business with Milano Doors again in near future. Five stars and hats off.

Tomasz, Florida

I do suspect many of my friends to be envious of the doors and I can certainly recommend them to your company. In fact, my company has a contract with new development and I've already passed your information along to them. They are a multi-million dollar company. Thank you!

Joe. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

We love your doors! I sent my friends Alex and Tanya to your jersey location last week. I appreciate the great service.

Roman L. Staten Island NY 10308

I can't believe how fast I got my doors (just 4 days). Good quality modern doors was really hard to find anywhere in US. Thank you so much! Your a life saver!!

Leslie, Queens, NY

Thank you so much, very good quality & I also appreciate the discount on the prior purchase.

Irakli, Brooklyn NY

Milano features hard to find contemporary doors with hassle-free pricing and no hidden fees. My house is look marvelous and I am very satisfied customer.

Lucy K. San Francisco

The doors are beautiful. Our house looks like a beautiful hotel.

Carol M. Houston, TX 77008

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