Milano Doors CatalogOutlet#383 611 ALU 45"x84" ( MSRP $10,737.16 )

#383 611 ALU 45"x84" ( MSRP $10,737.16 )

#383 611  ALU  45
Price: $4155
Door model 611
Outside dimensions: 1138 x 2120 mm ( 45"x84" )
Door Color Outside: RAL 9005 mat Inside: RAL 9016 mat
Glass in panel Night SKY GLOSS
Locking system 7302 Finger scanner PIRNAR for EAV3 lock (PIRNAR Finger scanner (art.7300), set EAV3 locking system (art. 6367)
Handles: Outside 9622FL (LED) Inside 6022
Protective trim 6435
E - strike (10-24V AC/DC) YES

The following doors were either used as exhibition doors, not paid, incorrectly ordered or stored in the warehouse due to company insolvency.

It Small signs of use may occur but are not a reason for complaint.

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

For Misprints no liability, errors excepted.





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