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Telescopic adjustable jambs

If you have extra wide walls you can expend telescopic jambs as below.

TWO addition planks assembly for walls over 9" Wide.

ONE addition planks assembly for walls over 7" Wide.

You may adjust Telescopic according to your wall thickness.

If you use only ONE Additional plank you can remove bottom so you can assemble without Combo plank.

WALL THICKNESS 3" - 4" 4-¼" - 6" 7" - 8-¼" 8-¼"- 10" 10-½+ 12-½"
Additional Plank No 2" 4-½" 2" + 4-½" 4-½"+ 4-½"
Price for Additional Plank Set $0 $19 $29 $48 $68

Telescopic casing can be connected to the 45° and 90 °

Door Installation must be done after new floor completely install and finished. We prefer your walls painted as well.
European Frame (jamb) is 1" thick on each side.
For door slab 24"x80" need Rough Opening at least 26"x81"
For door slab 28"x80" need Rough Opening 30"x81"
For door slab 30"x80" need Rough Opening 32"x81"
For door slab 32"x80" need Rough Opening 34"x81"
For door slab 36"x80" need Rough Opening 38"x81"

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